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What You Need to Know About the Home Inspection

April 15, 2017 Posted by: Fred Hubbard

It seems kind of obvious. I mean what does a home inspector do… well um… he inspects the house before you buy it. Right… Typically they mostly do a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home including the roof, crawl space and attic. Looking for any issues, insect damage, proper construction, or visible structural issue. So what do you need to know… 1. They can’t find everything and they are human. Don’t rely on the inspector alone to go over the property. They are experts at what […]

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Puget Sound Real Estate Market Update- April 2017

April 10, 2017 Posted by: Fred Hubbard

  Here’s what’s happening in the Puget Sound Real Estate Market   April 2017 I recently read an article on Q-13 fox’s website about tech jobs changing the costs in Western Washington.   The article cited the booming tech industry and their relatively high wages to the increasing costs of housing here in the Puget Sound.   Purchase price and rental price.   While I’m sure this isn’t the only factor to rising home prices, there is no question that rental prices and home prices are continuing to rise, and homes are […]

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Tacoma & Gig Harbor Events (April 10-16)

April 9, 2017 Posted by: Beth Winslow

  Tacoma & Gig Harbor Events April 2017   Lots of Tacoma & Gig Harbor Events this coming week. I hope you all get out, explore, and have fun this week.      Monday the 10th   Gig Harbor Jobs Program – Weekly Meeting Gig Harbor Library – Gig Harbor, WA 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM  | Cost: Free If you have ever been un-employed for any length of time, be it a week, a month or longer, then you know what it feels like to try to make it down this pathway alone. We’ve come together to […]

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